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What can I expect during a Mobile Tented Safari / Wilderness Trail?

Sleeping in the wild on a mobile safari, with nothing but a piece of canvas between you and Africa’s wildlife, may not be for everyone, but it makes for a fully immersive experience.

For an authentic safari, it is difficult to beat a mobile – the original form of this quintessentially African adventure. This is how the old pioneers used to go on safari, back in the days before there were permanent lodges with flush toilets and wifi conncetions in the bush!

Fireplace of a Kalahari Breeze Safaris Mobile Camp (Camp Set Up with Meru Tents)

Despite the changing ideals of the African safari it is still possible to experience a wild, proper, back-to-earth safari in Botswana.

The African safari has undergone great changes with the ideal geared towards luxury lodges with hotel-type service. When the word safari is used today the minds of most immediately think of the permanent high-end camps & lodges, which developed over time into luxurious resorts with lodge rooms being private chalets with plunge-pools, room service, private butlers and a price tag that makes you look twice. In some lodges, it feels like you are being separated from the wilderness, almost akin to being cocooned in a plush boutique hotel with National Geographic on a jumbo screen as LonelyPlanet described it.

Very few people actually think of the wilderness and the open sky. Thankfully though there is also the option of going on a mobile safari, where you can experience true wilderness and some of the soul of the bush.

If you are the adventurous, nature-loving type and you are willing to roughen it up a little, Botswana has a unique and authentic safari experience lined up for you. Without any fences or boundaries you can camp in relative comfort deep in the untouched wilderness far away from civilisation.
You cannot get any closer to the wildlife than this.

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